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Know about the features of our ScanB Kit


Our ScanB detection system allows to detect and quantify the main cannabinoids present in different samples. The ScanB system is composed of:

  1. ScanB Kit: Analysis kit based on a thin layer chromatography system (TLC, Thin Layer Chromatography) that allows the cannabinoids present in the samples to be separated and qualitatively analyzed.
  2. ScanB App: Web application that through automated image processing and data analysis using neural networks is capable of quantifying the results obtained using the ScanB Kit.

In this way, by using the ScanB system we will be able to detect THC, CBD, THCV, CBN, CBG and CBC and to quantify the concentration of the two main cannabinoids THC and CBD in minutes.

 We currently have two formats:
  • Mini Kit – Allows the analysis of 2 to 8 samples (2 reading plates for up to 4 samples each).
  • Midi Kit – Allows the analysis of 5 to 20 samples (5 reading plates for up to 4 samples each).

Quantify the main cannabinoids

ScanB is capable of quantifying the levels of the cannabinoids THC (psychoactive) and CBD (non-psychoactive) present in different samples.

Quick, easy and inexpensive.

Without the need for a laboratory and specialized equipment for detecting compounds, you will be able to know the composition and cannabinoid profile of your samples in minutes.

Scientific and technological based product.

The ScanB system was developed within the framework of the Corfo 18CS101592 project and is based on both chromatographic detection systems and a web application which is capable of processing and analyzing the data obtained in the detection.


ScanB Midi - ScanB Mini

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Conoce la APP ScanB

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